Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner

The Dubai Dhow cruise dinner is another must for all tourists visiting Dubai. The Dhow is the traditional boat made out of wood, in the olden days Arabs were mostly fishermen and pearl divers, they built strong wooden boats, the tourism industry in Dubai has now made a tourist attraction out of the dhows and offer a regular tour every evening called the Dhow cruise dinner.

You have the option of being picked up at your hotel or house or showing up at the site of the cruise. Most Dhow cruises start from the deira side of Dubai although there are some that start their journey from the Bur Dubai side of the Dubai creek.

The trip lasts approximately 3 hours, as soon as you embark on the journey the boat starts its ride along the picturesque Dubai creek, you will be able to enjoy the sights of the city from terraces on the cruise, traditional food as well as continental foods are offered at the buffet table and to finish it off you will be given a traditional tea and shisha.

The Dhow cruise dinner is a memorable experience for a decent price. Special facilities are available for individuals who would like to rent half or the entire dhow, which is popular for honeymooners, group outings, and business meetings.

This product is offered by almost every tour operator in Dubai, price and quality of service varies.

Tour Name: Dhow Cruise Dinner

Approx. Time: 2-3 Hours

Approx. Cost: AED 160- AED 240 (US$ 43- US$ 64)

Included: Pick and Drop, Food, Hinna Mehndi, Entertainment

The Search For the Best Cruise Lines

Everyone loves to go on a cruise. It’s one surefire way to relax and essentially get away from all the problems at work and probably at home as well. Some people prefer preferences for the cruise lines. However, it has been a major contention that some cruise are better than the other. So which of them are the best cruise lines?

Cruise lines have different categories for its passengers. There are the cruise that really paper you in luxury while there are those that allow for a more festive and exciting journey. It also has to do with your budget. Most cruise lines are based on their capacity to serve specific markets and niches.

At a glance, here are your best bets for the best cruise lines:

Norwegian Cruise Line

This line has made its cruises around the Hawaiian islands famous. Their ships just keep getting bigger and bigger and the current one is as large as three football fiends. It has over 25 decks as well as 370 rooms inclusive of the suites. Passengers are free to move about and choose their activities on board as well as port visits. The cuisine is international and most of the meals are buffet. Being great supporters of nightlife activities, the ship has over 13 bars where one can drink the night away with friends and family.

All their ships support a variety of on-board activities such as ping-pong, yoga, exercise-aerobics, and others.

This cruise caters to the A, B, C, and D income class travelers.

Radisson Seven Seas Mariner

This line specializes in having various trips to great destinations such as Sydney, Singapore, Peru and Sweden. The ships carry modern facilities for spa and massage as well as numerous sports activities like golf cages for those who cant keep away from golf, a massive library that can allow passengers a bit of peace of mind amidst the partying onboard.

Most of their ships are balcony rooms so you are assured of having a good fresh air view. What makes this cruise stand out is that the cooks and chef on board are specially commissioned from reputable culinary schools to serve onboard.

Seabourn Spirit

This cruise is almost exclusively reserved for travelers who want luxury and the best of everything. The ships are generally small for they cater to a chosen few. The food is rated triple A and not a meal goes by that exotic foods are served. If one desires to travel in style and in privacy, this is the best cruise line to choose.

In the end, it really depends on your preference and budget. Most travelers have tasted different cruise lines and they have all come up with their preference.

The Top Eight Secrets to Enjoying Your Cruise Vacation

  • Get to the cruise terminal early and relax – If your cruise documents tell you boarding begins at noon, do your best to be at the cruise terminal on or before this time. This will ensure you don’t miss your ship by getting caught in traffic or any number of problems with your flight. I also suggest you fly-in or drive a day before your cruise and stay at a hotel the night before. If you’re driving, some hotels allow you to park your car for free in a special lot for the duration of your cruise. So for the price of parking at the port (normally $10 a day) you can book a night at the hotel and relax. The hotel normally drives you to and from the cruise terminal for free before and after your cruise.
  • Use a Porter/Bellman when available – Your on vacation, so be sure to use the resources the hotel offers. The hotel will be able to transport your bags to and from the lobby. Once at the cruise terminal a porter will offer to take your bags from your car (hotel shuttle or taxi cab) to the ship. The suggested tip is $1 per bag, this is well worth it and you will save time, energy and maybe even some future back pain. The next time you will see your bags is in your cabin.
  • Pick the right Cruise Line and Ship for you – Be sure to learn about the cruise vacation product your buying. This is a major purchase so do your homework with your travel agent and also via brochures, cruise line websites and read ship reviews. Your choice will greatly affect things such as the ships decor & ambiance, the level of service from crew, the quality of food in the restaurants and more.
  • Choose the Correct Cabin – Many modern cruise ships hold 3000+ passengers. Unlike a hotel you can actually choose your exact cabin. Will your cabin be the cheapest cabin available, so you can get onboard at the lowest price or will it be something more luxurious? What are your expectations? Is it price or comfort? If you want the best experience aboard your cruise I suggest a balcony cabin. It will cost you on average $30 more per-person, per-day but, it’s worth it. It used to be said that passengers don’t spend much time in their cabin aboard a cruise. This is now a myth; passengers are now spending an ever more increasing amount of time in their cabins. Why is this you ask? It’s because the modern ships have much larger cabin and some upwards of 80% outside cabins with balconies. A balcony cabin rewards you with allowing you to step outside 24/7 and watch the ship sail through the seas, into ports and hear the sounds of the waves. You can also look at the wildlife, sunsets, and more, anytime; even in your pajamas if desired. You can even enjoy the free room service by having breakfast or any other meal on your balcony. These are things you just can’t fully do by booking a standard inside cabin or ocean view (window only) cabin.
  • Participate and Attend – Your cruise vacation is going to offer you many ports of call. You will have both excursions on land and also many shows and events onboard you’re floating resort. The best way to fully experience this is by booking exciting shore excursions and attending the shows, events and classes you’re interested in. Be sure to book excursions either before you sail or the day you get onboard as some of the best shore excursions sell out fast. Then relax and have an experience of a lifetime.
  • Try the Specialty Restaurants onboard – Many new ships now offer reservation only specialty restaurants onboard. These normally come with a per-person charge but, they are definitely worth it. Prices can range from $15 or more per person. The level of service and food are normally incredible, so please consider one of these options for one night onboard your cruise. Each cruise line varies offerings so check with your travel agent and your cruise line brochure. Some examples are Royal Caribbean’s (Portofino’s and Chops Grill), Carnival Cruise Lines (Supper Club, Nick & Nora’s, etc), Princess Cruise Lines’ (Sabatini’s), Holland America Line’s (Pinnacle Grill), Celebrity Cruise Lines (Varies Per ship), Norwegian Cruise Line (Numerous Offerings), etc. Be sure to make a reservation shortly after boarding as these specialty restaurants are indeed special and reservations fill up fast by those in the know. Some guests even eat at these restaurants several times during a normal cruise, because it’s just that good.
  • Read your ships Newsletter/Daily planner – To get the most of your vacation read your ships daily activity sheet when you get it (normally placed in your cabin the night before). It’s a good idea to find events that you are interested in doing and schedule them within your day. Be sure to also know what all your dining options are onboard (Where and when are they?). Your cruise will normally be seven nights long, so the more you know about the services onboard your floating resort (AKA Cruise Ship) the better your time onboard will be. This may seem obvious but, some cruisers miss out on things because they didn’t read the daily planner and know it was available and/or scheduled.
  • Kiss the Ship Good Morning & Good Night – Kissing the ship good morning and good night is advice I was given from a veteran cruiser when I first began cruising. What’s this mean? You basically need to get out of your cabin and walk the outer decks before the rest of the ship wakes up. This time can be as the sunrises and good night when the sunsets. This simply allows you to fully enjoy being at sea. It further lets you enjoy the ship as she sails into a port during these early morning hours. You’ll most likely find that only you and a handful of other passengers are up for this wonderful show. You’re welcome to go back to bed for a nap but, this morning kiss allows you to experience things most passengers miss by sleeping in. Don’t get too busy that you miss the real show given by Mother Nature and experience some of the simple pleasures of life at sea.
  • Cunard Cruises – Ten Things To Do

    This is a rather cheeky look at things to do on board a typical Cunard cruise to get your imagination going. These are written with tongue in cheek and present things for you to have a laugh at or to do on board that you may not have though of or have thought of but have never said! Here goes:

    • 1 Attend the sailaway parties with a camera!

    Many people miss out on this as they are busy acquainting themselves with the ship, unpacking and getting ready for dinner on the first night. Definitely leave these things till later. This is a great way to check out your fellow cruisers, spot the likely characters of the cruise and meet people. Ask them to take a picture of you and offer to take pictures for others. As the band strikes up and the party atmosphere gets going – try out the cocktail of the day. Sail away parties are always held on the aft pool deck of all all 3 ships. The setting and photos from here can be very picturesque with the wake of the ship, the setting sun and your last destination disappearing in to the distance. Plus sail away party photos are a good measure of what you looked like at the start of the cruise!

    • 2 Have a Pre-breakfast in bed every morning

    This is an absolute luxury and a great way to wake up in the morning. Fill out your room service card before you go to bed at night and hang it outside your door (room service is FREE). Even if you plan to have breakfast in one of the main restaurants – perhaps just order a cup of tea. As we all know there is nothing like a cup of tea in bed!

    • 3 Make use of the spa.

    You don’t have to book treatments to use the facilities of the spa but there is usually an entrance charge. Instead of booking daily you can book a spa pass for the length of your cruise to save money on the daily entrance fee. As the entrance fee keeps the crowds away – it is usually a quiet relaxing place. This is well worth it particularly if you want a tranquil wallow in the thermal pool, read a book or maybe do suduko in peace & quite on a lounger in a fluffy bathrobe. Perhaps use the sauna, steam room or have one of those invigorating showers. The Canyon Ranch spa on board Queen Mary 2 has a large thermal pool with bubbling spring areas and an underwater communal lounger plus a separate hot tub pool. The Royal Spas on board Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth have a thermal relaxation chamber with heated loungers overlooking the sea. These two sister ships also have free saunas in each of the changing rooms for the fitness centre.

    • 4 Try out every bar!

    This can be fun as an unofficial bar crawl. On Cunard ships it is a challenge with many bars onboard all very stylish to suit different moods. This is for a bit of lively entertainment in the evening if you don’t fancy the show – plus you have not got far to go home!!! Key drinking establishments include:

    1. The Golden Lion pub serving traditional English Pub Grub at lunch time, pints of bitter, Karaoke and pub quizzes.
    2. The Commodore Club for a perfect cocktail in stylish Art Deco surroundings accompanied by a Pianist.
    3. The Chart room is a great place for a pre dinner aperitif accompanied by a string quartet.
    4. The Veuve Cliquot Champagne bar for a true indulgence.
    • 5 Have formal photo’s taken!

    This is great for filling up spare moments during the cruise and can be rather hilarious. Photographers around the ship will offer to take your picture before dinner when you are dressed in your finery with no obligation to buy. There are usually an ever changing variety of back drops to choose from – a fake New York city skyline or Titanic grand staircase or huge picture of the ship to an ornate flower display or simply a white canvas. This then gives you an excuse to seek out your picture in the photo gallery (or rogues gallery as we call it). In so doing you can see everyone else’s picture which is a great talking point. You might spot who is travelling who and have a giggle some pictures that have not turned out quite right. Play spot the bad ones – perhaps a grimace at the wrong time or the top of a palm tree sticking out of someone’s head from the back drop behind.

    • 6 Have Breakfast & Lunch in the Britannia Restaurant

    Many people prefer to limit the formality of the main restaurant to dinner only – choosing to have breakfast and lunch in the casual buffet restaurants ( Lido on Queen Elizabeth & Victoria or Kings court on Queen mary 2).. Because of this the Britannia restaurants on the Cunard ships are not as busy as they normally are for Dinner and the atmosphere is surprisingly tranquil. During breakfast and lunch the Britannia restaurants have open seating where breakfast is cooked to order and the choice of menu at lunch time is excellent.

    • 7 Gatecrash Cocktail Parties.

    This one is a bit naughty – but if you have ever attended a cocktail party on board ask yourself: “How many times have you been asked to see your invitation?”

    • 8 Try out any Free alternative dining venues at night.

    Cunard is keen to encourage you to try out their alternative dining venues for dinner instead of the Britannia restaurant. Visit the Todd English restaurants on Board Cunard’s Queen Mary 2 and Queen Victoria or the Veranda restaurant on board Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth. There is a charge for these of $30 per person. It is well worth trying them out particularly if you have received bonus on board credit. However – there are also FREE alternative evening dining options in a section of the buffet restaurants at night. A part of the self service buffet restaurant in the evening is converted to waiter service with set tables, tablecloths and menus. These are very good and give you even more variety to your evening meal choices on board such as Indian, French, Asian Fusion, Thai, Steakhouse and Italian.

    • 9 Have a cocktail at sunset in a hot tub.

    Ahhh – Only on a cruise! As your fellow cruisers are running off back to their cabins to get ready for dinner – chill out and head for the hot tub by the pool instead. Try out another of those cocktails of the day and watch the sunset for a relaxed start to an unhurried evening.

    • 10 Attend the Nightclub on the 2nd night and the penultimate night of the cruise.

    Most people are too tired to go the nightclub on the first night of the cruise. But lots are tempted to explore the atmosphere on the 2nd night – however if it’s quiet many do not return. Therefore take the opportunity to be a night owl for once, put your dancing shoes on and let your hair down. By this time of the night people are much more relaxed and it’s a great way to make friends. Similarly on the last night of the cruise the nightclub tends to be virtually empty as everyone has packed and are getting ready to depart early the following morning. So the penultimate night of the cruise is when things really get going – inhibitions are thrown aside, the dad dancing is hilarious, requests for popular tunes are in abundance and it’s the prefect way to celebrate an enjoyable cruise.

    Our 4-Night Disney Dream Cruise

    We’ve visited Disney World in Florida more times than I can count. After so many years of driving to Florida and visiting every theme park in Orlando, it was time for a change. Our bags and passports were ready to travel abroad.

    We knew we wanted to go on cruise and we knew we wanted it to be on a Disney ship. After years of wonderful Disney experiences we felt loyalty to the brand and comfortable with their level of family entertainment. We began our research online and started laying out our plan. The first questions we answered were “Where and when are we going?”. Traveling with my my wife and two daughters, we wanted to make sure we had as much available without spending a small fortune. We decided on a four night Bahamian voyage from Cape Canaveral, Florida to the Bahamas. We decided to sail the second week of January to save on Disney’s off-season prices. The itinerary included a stop at Nassau, Castaway Cay (Disney’s private island in the Bahamas) and a full day at sea.

    We drove from New York to Jacksonville on Saturday, Jan. 19th 2013. This 14 hour drive has become a yearly ritual for us, so it was just an ordinary occurrence. We departed Jacksonville at 9:00am the following morning in order to arrive at Cape Canaveral in time for our 1:30pm boarding hour. Cape Canaveral is incredibly easy to get to from I-95. We followed the signs to terminal B and before 1:00pm, we were already dropping off our bags and parking our vehicles.

    Disney’s terminal at Cape Canaveral offers on-site parking at $15 per night rates. Higher rates apply for premium parking. I’ve read many reviews of families saving about $30 by parking off-site at private parking lots or hotels. Although this may seem like a bargain, I suggest parking at the terminal simply for the convenience. The parking lot is directly connected to the terminal via catwalk. This makes disembarking a breeze, too. Once you round up your bags, all you do is walk across the street and get in your car. No need to wait for any further transportation or taxi’s.

    Check-in at the terminal was incredibly fast and easy. Be sure all occupants of your stateroom are together. You will need to sign some paperwork and take a picture that will be used for identification when boarding or disembarking. The entire check-in process, a few pictures, and waiting for our boarding number to be called took roughly twenty minutes. Once we walked into the gangway, we took some more pictures, then entered the ships atrium.

    The Disney Dream’s atrium is a huge, rectangular, three-level gathering area adorned with an art-deco glass chandelier, marble steps, a grand piano, and a statue of Admiral Donald Duck. Once onboard, we hardly had a chance to take in the sights before we offered two dining options: option 1 would send us to deck 11 aft for a buffet lunch at Cabanas while option 2 led us down one level to the Enchanted Garden lunch buffet. We chose the Enchanted Garden. The buffet offered many seafood selections like shrimp and crab legs as well as a carving station, cold cuts, vegetables, salad, and grilled lamb chops.

    Immediately after lunch, we headed to our stateroom. Our family had chosen a category 4A family verandah room on level 9. Once we entered the room, the first thing we did was figure out the lights. We had to insert a room key at all times in order to turn the power on in the room. Once we figured that out, we explored the balcony. Once we pulled the curtain and opened the sliding glass door, we knew this was the place we’d spend most of cabin time. The balcony added approximately 30 square feet of outdoor real estate. The glass wall offered unobstructed views of ocean while sitting or standing. The balcony had two chairs and a small coffee table that served as our breakfast table every morning.

    Once we were acquainted with the room, it was time to head to our station for the mandatory drill. Once the drill was over, we headed to the pool deck for the sail away party. The kids liked the dancing Disney characters and the streamers flying everywhere. Definitely a good time if you have kids. Shortly after the party started, the ship pulled away from the terminal, sailed slowly down the jetty and into open ocean. We watched our first sunset from the deck 12 sports area. Our cruise was finally underway!

    That evening we dined at Animator’s Palate. The Disney Cruise Line offers a rotational dining assignment which guarantees at least one meal will be served at each of their three main restaurants. Animator’s Palate is an homage to the artwork of Disney. It also features giant screens depicting characters from Pixar’s Finding Nemo. Our table was directly next to one of the screens. Before we knew it, we were being interviewed by Crush, the sea turtle. The girls really got a laugh when Crush called my glasses “sea goggles”. Our evening ended with chocolates and folded towel swan waiting for us in our room. It was a great way to finish off a very busy day.

    We woke up the next morning at 8am knowing that room service will soon deliver our morning order of the day. The coffee, donuts, cookies, hot tea, juice and milk were delivered right on time! We poured our drinks, grabbed our snack and headed right for the balcony. Once outside, in the horizon, we could see some pilot boats approaching and land mass growing behind them. We were slowly approaching Nassau. Once we pulled into Prince Georges Wharf, the ship performed a 180 degree turn in the basin and backed into the port. Directly opposite of our ship was the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas (an Oasis-class ship – the biggest passenger cruise ship in the world). Directly behind this mammoth ship we could see the towers of Atlantis.

    Atlantis is located on Paradise Island just north of Nassau. This resort island would be our destination for the day. We booked a tour of the Atlantis Resort through the cruise line. The $59 excursion granted us transportation to and from the terminal, a guided tour of the hotel, and full access to the aquarium and the predators lagoon. We gathered on the ship at D-Lounge to get our wrist bands, hand in our release forms and wait to be escorted to the buses. Once 11am rolled around, our excursion group disembarked the ship and walked about 5 minutes to the bus. The bus, which seated 20 passengers, was perfectly clean, air-conditioned, and proper working order. The bus driver also served as our tour guide of downtown Nassau. The drive took us through the government district as well as famous hotels and landmarks.

    Once we reached Atlantis, we were greeted by our hotel tour guide. He first walked us through the stores and fashion boutiques in the hotels lobby. It’s very reminiscent of a Las Vegas-style hotel. We then walked across the hotel casino and main lobby. The tour then proceeded to the underground ruins area called “The Dig”. It’s suppose to mimic an archeological dig of Atlantis’ ruins. The main attraction here is the giant aquarium filled with tropical fish and huge manta rays. Afterwards we toured the main pool grounds of the resort which offered great views of the famous hotel towers. A bit more walking led us to the Predators Lagoon. Here you will walk through an underwater tube surrounded by sand sharks, sting rays, barracuda, and colorful tropical fish. Once the tour ended, we were free to explore any of the grounds we had previously visited including the casino. Around 4pm, we boarded our bus and headed back to downtown Nassau.

    Downtown Nassau is full of souvenir shops, retail, and jewelry stores catering to the cruising tourists. The area is very popular and can seem very crowded at times. Despite the crowd, we always felt safe walking around and wish we had more time to explore the area. We did manage to stop by the local Tortuga Rum store for some excellent rum cake!

    Once we headed back to the terminal, we walked directly to the immigration office for a passport stamp. The attendant stamped all our passports in no time and with no questions asked. Afterwards, we went through the security check-in and boarded the ship.

    Our second evening featured a dinner at the Enchanted Garden. The a la carte menu featured seafood options but also chicken and pork entree’s. If you’re a picky eater you can always order from the kids menu which includes more familiar selections such as burgers, hot dogs, pizza, pasta, and chicken fingers. Every meal also includes an appetizer and dessert. Our evening ended once again with chocolates and a folded towel puppy wishing us a good night.

    The third day started with a knock on our door as room service was being delivered Our morning coffee and tea led us once again to the balcony and beautiful view of Castaway Cay! The parasailing and glass-bottom boats were sailing by as we walked out. We could also see the workers on the shore prepping the jet-ski and boat rental areas. The line of cabanas and colorful buildings served as a backdrop to the sparkling blue waters of the Cay. We only had one thing in mind: let’s hit the beach!

    Once we left the ship we were greeted by Lilo and Stitch posing for pictures. We also took some pictures of the Dream before boarding the tram car to the beach. Once we reached the beach we picked up three floating tubes, changed into our bathing suits, and hit the water. The beach was gorgeous and offered picture-perfect views of the Disney Dream. This was mid-January so the water was about 70 degrees. It wasn’t ideal swimming temperatures but the sun was hot enough to keep us warm.

    Around 1pm we decided to eat at the nearby restaurant, Cookies II, an outdoor grill-style eatery. Cookies II served up burgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken, as well as a variety of salads and sides. Endless drinks and an ice cream are also available. Dining at these restaurants is included in the price of the cruise so no extra money is required on the island. If you wish to rent any beach equipment once there, you simply swipe your room key and the charge will added to your room.

    After lunch, we decided this was perfect time to head back to the ship and hit the Aqua-Duck ride. We boarded in a flash and headed straight to deck 12. There was a very short waiting line for the ride, much shorter than we had seen previously. We rode the Aqua-Duck several times before finally heading back to our stateroom. When we did arrive at our room we had pirate bandana’s waiting for us on our bed. It was pirate night!

    Our third dinner was at the Royal Palace. It was also pirate night on the Disney Dream. The entire staff is dressed in the pirate garb and a surprisingly large amount of guests wore full pirate costumes! The menu also featured a pirate theme with selections such as Jolly Roger’s salad, and Jack Sparrow braised short ribs. The evenings festivities also included the “Pirates IN the Caribbean” live-action show followed by the “Buccaneer’s Blast” fireworks! At the time, the Disney Dream was the only vessel featuring fireworks at sea. They were a real treat! We we retreated to our stateroom we were greeted by a folded towel monkey hanging from the ceiling and a handful of chocolates spread out on the bed.

    Our fourth day was a full day at sea. With no set plans in mind, we knew this would be our only chance to sleep in late. We also knew this would be our only chance to explore the ship. We had our room service delivered at 9am this morning. We spent a good amount of time just relaxing and enjoying the view from our verandah. We then headed out on our ship exploration campaign. Our first stop on the ship was the outdoor promenade on level 4. After walking around the promenade, we headed indoors to the shutters photo studio. After a quick review of the family pictures, we decided to buy the DVD package which includes every printed 8×10 along with a digital copy for future printings.

    We then headed to level 3 forward to visit the retail stores. Here we picked up all our souvenirs including Disney Cruise sweatshirts, shot glasses, and resin models of the ship. We then decided to walk the three levels of the atrium where we encountered a photo-op with none other than Captain Mickey Mouse himself! Immediately afterwards, we headed to the Walt Disney Theater to see the musical show “Believe”. “Believe” is a tale of father who’s so busy with his work to realize the real important things in life are not things, it’s people. The show is must-see for all families and I highly recommend it.

    Further exploration of the ship took us around the multiple lounges and clubs in decks 4 and 5. We then headed to deck 11 aft for lunch at Cabanas buffet. After lunch we trekked across the 11th and 12th decks exploring the pool areas, sunbathing lounges and sports complex. Seeing all the fun had us rushing back to our staterooms and changing into our bathing suits for a few more rides on Aqua-Duck. My wife also had time to take in a few rounds of Bingo while we spent our time outdoors.

    Our last dinner on the Disney Dream was once again at the Royal Palace. The menu featured a French theme with appetizers like French Onion soup, and crème brulee desserts. Entrees included beef tenderloin, baked salmon, organic chicken breast, and others. Our final evening also featured a folded towel rabbit, some more chocolates and a customer satisfaction survey. They’ll also give you a brochure for booking future sailings which includes an onboard discount of 10%. After dinner, we packed our bags and placed them outside our door for pick-up. It was our final night on the Disney Dream and our final view of the starry sky from our balcony. Our Dream vacation was coming to an end and much sooner than we’d like.

    Our final morning on the Disney Dream offered a sit-down breakfast at the Royal Palace. It was the final chance to exchange pleasantries and well-wishes with our dining staff. Our waiters, which had been with us throughout the entire voyage, were cordial and incredibly attentive. For those four evenings and final morning, they were part of the family. It’s all part of the Disney charm that keeps everyone exclaiming how wonderful Disney destinations can be.

    After our breakfast, it was time to disembark. It was bitter-sweet to step off the Dream and back to the cool Florida winter weather. We rounded up our bags, walked to the parking deck, and hit the road to New York once more: an experience we hope to repeat soon!